How to Install Minecraft mods on PC

One of the great virtues of Minecraft (and all good sandbox) is that each item is substantially different from the others.

Even so, it is likely to come a time where we get tired always see similar landscapes, kill same mobs and ceaselessly dig in search of the same minerals.
If that were the case, we have two solutions. One is to go out a bit, but as it is the time, we do not recommend it. The other is to dive into the almost endless world of mods to Minecraft.
As it has become the custom, start at the beginning: what is a mod? Broadly speaking, it is a small added to the game, created in general by a user (i.e. they are not official, but on the other hand, they are free), which adds features that the original game didn’t possess.
If this, in any normal game, already opens many possibilities (the mods for games like Skyrim or Civilizations V are well-known), imagine what can do with a game as open as Minecraft. Exact: almost we’re talking about every (good) mod creates almost a whole new game.

install minecraft

Among the interesting things that can make mods for us are: create many new types of biome (ecosystems), generate many new buildings on our maps, allowing us to create complex mechanisms, add lot of new creatures, allowing us to open portals to other dimensions, travel to other planets, use magic, raise dinosaurs and virtually anything that a programmer with enough free time to be able to imagine.

Install Minecraft mods

And how to access all this content? Veterans will remember that how to install mods in Minecraft has enough changed over time, and will surely continue changing in the future. Fortunately, at the time of writing this article (just get the 1.7.4 version, although most of the mods are still in the 1.7.2) it is quite simple. The first thing to do is to visit the website of Forge (mods charger) and download the latest installer available.

download minecraft

Once we have installed Forge, you can select the profile “Forge” to start Minecraft. This will cause that she is loaded in the game all the mods that we have put in the Minecraft folder “mods”. Where that folder is, and where the mods are removed? Now we are going with that.

minecraft launcher

Minecraft has the habit of quite hide on your PC (which is extremely unhelpful in a game you need to manually add things to your system folders when it comes to integrating mods or textures packs).
In particular, we can find it by opening any Windows Explorer window and typing in the address bar “% appdata %” (without the quotation marks), which will take us to the folder where you store files for many applications you have installed.
The minecraft folder is usually the first of all, due to its name (“.minecraft”, the point is important). Within it, can find, among others, the folder “mods”, where we will have to copy (without decompression) mods that we have decided to get off.

minecraft appdata

Of course, if we don’t want to repeat this tedious process whenever you want to install or uninstall a mod, ideally, create a shortcut to this folder (click the right button and “Create shortcut”) and always have it next to the icon of Minecraft, so as not to lose it.
I imagine that some users that you do not use Windows you will be asking how to install mods on your Mac, smartphone, Xbox 360 or PC with Linux… but I regret to tell you that exceeds the space that we have in this article. It is possible that in future reports, let’s talk about it.

minecraft windows

As to where to get the mods, the only place where are all is in the official Forum of Minecraft. The bad news is that the Forum is in English, and its navigation is not exactly optimal, so it is possible that we have to investigate a while until you find something that interests us specially. The other option is to wait for our next story, which we will post very soon, in which you detail what are the best mods (or, at least, our favorites).


Once we have downloaded the mod we are going to try (or several of them, since they can be combined), we just have to copy the file .zip or .jar to the mods folder, start the game and use profile Forge, as most above. And to uninstall a mod? Maybe as simple as deleting their file in the mods folder (or better yet, move it to another, if we want to activate it then).

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