How to Install Kodi (formerly XBMC) on Android

On another occasion they talk about Kodi (XBMC) and how to install it on Ubuntu and also talked about how to control Kodi from Android, that is why today I will explain how to install Kodi (xbmc) on Android, the procedure is quite simple.Update: It is now possible to install Kodi from Google Play, to find out more, please click here.

Note: The procedure described below will also remain valid for installing Kodi (xbmc).

steps to install xbmc on Android:

Allow installation from unknown sources: this is required because Kodi is available from Google Play Store, so that it should not go to settings then to safety and there check the box labeled origins unknown.

Download the package: this should only open the browser of your choice in Android and enter the following address: there select the download for ARM or x 86 depending your CPU.
download xbmc android

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If it displays a warning indicating that it may be dangerous, click OK.

Install the APK: assuming that the installation menu does not open automatically after the download, locate the file in the menu downloads of your browser or use a file manager to run it.
install xbmc android

When you are prompted with that application you want to open the file select Installer packages or Google Play Store (depends on your version of Android), showing you the necessary permissions to install Kodi click on install.

Ready! After installation you can run Kodi (XBMC), the first time the process is a bit slow due to is finishing the installation and looking for music and videos available on your computer, the next time you run Kodi process will be faster.

install xbmc on android

After opening the application will show us an interface similar to that used on other platforms.

install xbmc for android

Note 1: To update only Kodi must perform the same steps during the installation.

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Note 2: Note that all settings will be deleted at the time of uninstall Kodi (XBMC) what if you decide to reinstall should perform these configurations again.

I hope that this information is useful

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