How to Root Moto G Easily

How to root moto g? If so, then you must use a step by step guide dedicated that can take you through the procedure of the root and that can be applied to the device.

To help you how to root moto g, I have described the method from below, that will teach you to root your Moto G, not only reveals a general root operation that can be applied safely in the G bike that runs on any version of the Android operating system.

root moto g
Therefore, this tutorial is compatible with Moto G that has been updated with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat OS or other older variants of the firmware Android as a platform of Jelly Bean. In addition, this guide will be suitable with the next updates OTA Android, so surely you can mark as who knows when will need a general root as the present procedure. The best thing about this guide is that it really works without any problems and, as the root method presented below has been already tested by many users of Moto G.
If you’re a newbie, and if this is the first time when you want to apply a root operation, you will first have to read some general aspects related to this method. Basically, must be root access when you want to receive more of your Android device. And to say the least, we are referring to best performances how to get root access is quite similar with unlocking your Motorola Moto G system.

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Of course, obtain root access is not recommended for everyone, as only advanced users of Android are really enjoying the benefits of the root. In addition, since the operation is not official, completing it will void the warranty of your Moto G. Your phone flash binary counter, will increase so if something bad happens, or if somehow they manage to mess up things and at the end in bricking your handset, ye yourselves.

Don’t worry though as the guarantee it can be later restored. But, if you decide to do so will be revoked root access – ensure that degrade your Moto G stock Android OS or applying a version OTA (only manually because the official Android rooted systems updates can be Flash only manually).

How to Root Moto G on any firmware

Before you begin:

1. This will void the warranty of the device. However, your device can reset warranty by unrooting if there is any unrooting procedure.

2. the boot loader must be unlocked in order to use this procedure. Please go to this site and get your bootloader unlocked first.

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download required files:

superboot (download link)

How to root moto g:

1. download and place the Superboot file on your desktop.

2. unzip files from the file on your desktop.

3. turn off your Moto G.

4 restart your Moto G in bootloader mode. To do this, simply press and hold the volume down button + Power and you should boot into the bootloader mode.

5. click superboot-windows.bat and select run as administrator.

6. automatically starts rooting your device.

7. you will receive a notification when the device from its roots.

8 all set!

Impressive! Successfully you have rooted your Motorola Moto G and now have all the doors open to the world of custom developments!

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