How to Video Chat on Snapchat

We will show you how to use the new Snapchat features such as filters and video chat.
Snapchat has been updated with new features, but they are not enabled by default. Here’s our guide on how to enable new options such as filter and use video chat on Snapchat

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How to video chat on SnapChat

video chat on snapchat
video chat on snapchat

If you like chatting with friends, you can use the feature video chat on snapchat, sliding to the right way on their behalf in the Inbox of your Snapchat to get started.

When you leave the chat screen, messages sent by you and your friends will be deleted.

This application will let you know if your friends are online while chatting, and if you both have a chat at the same time, you must press and hold to share live video.

How to use the Snapchat Filter

Snapchat filters
Snapchat filters

Do the same with the Instagram, Snapchat have filters that you can add to your photos. However, they are not enabled by default.

After you take the photo, slide it to the left or right and you will see a message saying ‘ turn on the filter ‘. Click on the ‘ I want to filter ‘ button at the bottom of the screen.

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This will bring you to the ‘ extra services ‘ from the settings menu where you can tick the box filter. Note that you must enable the location to be able to activate them and for some it is functioning correctly.

Note that you must activate the location to be able to enable them to function correctly.

How to use the features of the new Snapchat


In the same setting ‘ extra services ‘ (swipe left of the main screen, press the gears and select Manage under additional services), you can enable replay. After You turn it on, you can replay one take per 24 hours.

Permission for others to replay the shot by default and cannot be turned off.

Front facing flash

You may use Snapchat to send a photo to another user selfies but if you’re in the dark, then the front camera is not equipped with flash will make the photos so dark.

Snapchat can help you deliver flash while using the front camera, do please go to menu additional services.

This will change the display to white to give it some extra light to your photos when you take it. You can change the front and turn off the flash in the top left of the screen.

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Special text

If you like to add a description to your photos, please add specific text surely with the switch to the ‘ special ‘ text, there is an additional service on the menu. Now when you want to add a description, please click the ‘ T ‘ at the top of the screen that you can press to change the display.

Number of best friends

Snapchat best friends
Snapchat best friends

While you are in the menu additional services, you can tweak how many friends appear in the menu of your best friends. Just select in the menu and choose how much you want to be. There is a maximum of seven

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