iOS 8 user complaints

ios 8 complaints

Since its release last week, iOS 8 which is Apple’s latest operating system updates that have been widely used by users of Apple devices. Unfortunately, as in every new iOS update, some users have reported some IOS 8 bugs in the operating system, with some fairly serious complaints.

Quoted from MacRumors, this story originally began to unfold when there is a long conversation between 8 iOS users in the Apple Support forums. They each reveal opinions and complaints about the problems slowing the connection via WI-Fi, and extravagant battery life.

The user device iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Water iPad, iPad Mini Retina, who had already done the update IOS 8, pointed out that the problem and the bug started to appear after they update IOS 8.

“I use the iPhone 6 on Friday, and found the WiFi to connect the internet than the WI-Fi network in New York my home. Connection I did a speed test using the Ookla app and found the results were terrible, Mbps download 0:01 and 1:05 Mbps upload. Several minutes later, I did the test and the results were not much different from the 0:02 Mbps download and 0.76 upload. “Said one forum member who complained about slow performance WiFi since iOS 8 update.

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Some users reportedly can fix the problem by disabling the WI-Fi Networking first and then go to Under the Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services.

In addition, many users of Apple devices iOS 8 update complained that the latest update to drain the battery faster than normal. According to one user, the battery drained more than 100 percent to zero in less than 4 hours with minimal usage.

While some other users exasperated with the start number of bugs in the software. For example, if a user is opening the application, the application suddenly shuts itself off, and return to the home screen.

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Apple Support responded to these complaints by saying that they will soon release iOS 8 update in the near future. At once through will update IOS 8, Apple will bring renewal Pay and SMS Relay

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