iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air, What’s the Difference?

apple ipad air 2Apple Inc. officially launched the iPad Air 2 tablet to the public in Cupertino, California. Any increase in a given company on iPad Air 2?

By design Apple does not provide a large enough change in every generation iPad. However, the iPad managed to hook predicate Air tablet device with the thinnest thickness dimension of the family line ever made Apple’s iPad.

iPad Air 2  is made with a 0.24 inch thick, thinner than the iPad Air is 0.29 inches thick wear dimension. In addition, in terms of weight, the iPad Air 2 has a 437 gram weight is slightly lighter than its predecessor that weighs 478 grams.

Other improvements on the side of the main camera, the iPad Air 2 uses a main camera 8 MP while the iPad Air equipped with a 5 MP camera. However, Apple does not provide an increase in the quality of the camera on the front that can be used selfie photos or communicate via video chat.

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In performance, the Apple iPad Air 2 processor immerse A8X 64-bit co-processor combined M8 is claimed to be more powerful than the previous series. The battery on the tablet is also made ​​better and expected to survive 10 hours on a single recharge.

However, as quoted from PCMag, on the quality of the iPad Air 2 screen does not get any improvement. Both use 9.7-inch widescreen display technology Retina Display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

A recent increase in the iPad Air 2 is the fingerprint scanner aka TouchID. There is also a feature of the system One SIM for iPad user’s pants that make users easily moved around the network service provider.

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