Battery life of the iPad Mini 3 worse than iPad Mini 2

Based on a report from PhoneArena, battery life of the Apple iPad Mini 3 is very far from expectations. This was revealed after PhoneArena tried the device.

iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini 3 Battery Life

Both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 has a smaller battery capacity than its predecessor. But the iPad Air 2 has decent battery life. While testing the battery life of the iPad Mini 3 is done by PhoneArena unsatisfactory.

When tested, the Apple iPad Mini 2 has a capacity of 24.3Wh battery can last for 8.5 hours. While the Mini 3 23.8Wh battery capacity can only survive less than 7 hours. The Little difference in battery capacity should not cause a big impact on battery life.

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There might be some bugs that caused it. Hopefully Apple can fix the problem with a software update.

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