iPhone 6 Also Turns Water Resistant

iphone 6 water resistant

The process of dismantling the iPhone 6 are carried out by the tech site iFixit recently revealed a number of new things. One of the most interesting is, in the case cracks Apple’s new Smartphone was apparently covered by a rubber seal. This means the iPhone 6 has the ability to hold water that is qualified.

“When we look at the whole, it seems this (uses a rubber seal) is Apple’s efforts to improve the durability of dust / water on the iPhone 6,” said iFixit reports.

Answering curious users, one of the firms that take care of warranty claims Apple products, Square Trade, reportedly has tested the endurance test on the iPhone 6 and the results are indeed not disappoint.

Reported Phone page Cruncher, Wednesday (24/09/2014), the team of examiners from Square Trade did a test with the iPhone 6 dipping into the water for 10 seconds in dead condition and lights up. Once appointed, the Smartphone turns out fine and can function normally.

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iphone 6 test

Even the team of examiners from Square Trade also tries dipping the iPhone 6 into the water while turned on and play music videos. The result is iPhone 6 is still able to operate normally in the water, and when removed from the water.

“Audio is time to die, but after a while it can function normally again. This means that there is no direct damage to the phone,” said one of the team of examiners from Square Trade.

Even so, the Square Trade warns users not to bring the iPhone 6 while swimming or diving. Because, after all the iPhone 6 does not have a certified IP67 or IP58, aka not officially declared to have waterproof capability.

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At least this way the user would not be too worried if the iPhone 6 is exposed to rain or accidentally submerged in water.

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