iPhone 6 Plus Stronger Than HTC One

iphone 6 plus vs htc oneA test performed showed, the iPhone 6 Plus relatively stronger than the small size of the mobile phone such as the iPhone 6 or HTC.

Quoted from Pcpro, Tuesday (30/09/2014), the tests conducted by the American consumer watchdog against the backdrop of the rise of social media sites discussing the iPhone 6 Plus handset is a fast curve, since last week with the hashtag #BendGate.


Iphone 6 Plus vs HTC One

Bloomberg Financial Analyst, Ulimmeh-Hannibal Ezekiel claimed, had taken a photo of a curved handset from the Apple Store at Westfield Stratford City.

However, Consumer Reports, an organization similar to the United States Award, testing the iPhone 6 Plus and found that handsets are likely not fast curved than the iPhone 6 and HTC.

The organization uses “three-point bending test”. This phone was given the pressure from above and below as well as applied to the third point of the above.

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According to Consumer Reports, Apple phablet was actually able to withstand pressures of up to 41 kg and less than 45 kg.

In comparison, HTC shapes began to change after the given pressure 31 kg and then be broken at 41 kg. While the iPhone 6 last up to 32 pounds of pressure before becoming disabled and broke at a pressure of 45 kg.

Even so, it does not mean the iPhone 6 Plus most powerful phones tested by Customer report.

As with the LG G3 is not broken by the pressure of 59 kg is applied, at which point it also comes apart. Award for the strongest tested phones coming to Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is curved and separated after a given pressure 68 kg.

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Even so, both brand-new phones of Apple, the iPhone is said to be weaker than 5, the last with a pressure of up to 58 kg to 68 kg to be broken and then broken.

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