IPhone 6 Production Costs Revealed

iphone 6 plus component

iPhone 6 Apple Inc. officially marketed in several countries. In general, the company set the price for the iPhone 6  starts of the US $ 649 when available in the market.
However, how actual production costs incurred Apple’s iPhone 6? A demolition iPhone 6 performed by teardown.com blog to answer the question how much it cost Apple making the new device.

Once disassembled, teardown.com then browses series of components that are embedded in the new iPhone. Searches were conducted showed that Apple only requires a total fund of $ 227 for each unit of the iPhone 6.

According to that reported by Tech InSight, the funds are used for the new Apple A8 processor from Qualcomm for US $ 59.5, and a touch panel screen for US $ 41.5, connectivity components, such as cellular, wifi, Bluetooth and others for $ 40, 5.
Other costs incurred for the camera at $ 16.5, then to memory and storage space of $ 14. The site also mentions the need of material and other production processes of $ 77.
Apple is known to commonly put a fairly high price for homemade products. When examined from the production rates obtained by the observer, usually the price of the products Apple can provide up to 3-fold. But keep in mind, these funds only components alone, not including the cost of research and development and other costs.
Although priced at a fairly high, the iPhone 6  is claiming success in the market. During 24 hours of booking the first session, the Cupertino-based company claims to have received an order for up to 4 million units in several countries.

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