How to Lock Android by tapping the screen

LG G3 has unique features that knock mode. This feature allows to lock (lock screen) and open (unlock screen) Android simply by tapping the screen. tap the screen with a finger, then Android will be open or locked. If other Android devices have these features?

LG G3 Knock Mode (lock Android by tapping the screen)

When utilizing a number of existing apps in the Google Play Store, through a few tips, there is a way to lock Android by tapping the screen. But if to unlock the screen tap is still no way that could be applied.

LG G3 Knock Mode (lock Android by tapping the screen)

For Android lock screen by tapping the screen requires at least two app as follows:

  1. Screen Off and Lock (free)
  2. Nova Launcher Premium

Search both Google Play, download, install, and open. For Nova Launcher if rely on the free version cannot access gesture features. Therefore, there is an option in the feature tap the screen which will be in the app Screen Off and Lock to lock the screen. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the app
  2. Open Screen Off and Lock app and settings on
  3. Open Nova Launcher and go to option Look and Feel
  4. At the option select gesture Double Tap
  5. Then select the app (not a shortcut) Screen Off and Lock
  6. Back to the Home Screen and tap the screen twice then Android will be locked
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In short, gesture Nova Launcher (double tap) on the screen Home Screen issue the command (a kind of short cut) for the execution of the app Screen Off and Lock. The app allows users to lock or lock screen of Android with a single tap. This app is often relied upon for those whose device is damaged, especially on the power button.

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