Oppo Find 7 & 7a Gets Update Color OS 2.0 Android 4.4 KitKat

Oppo Find 7 & 7aOppo is one of the renowned vendors from China that have been successful with a variety of sophisticated series of Smartphones such as the Oppo Find 7 and 7a.

This time Oppo Find 7 & 7a color receive updates Android 4.4 OS 2.0-based KitKat. Want to know what color 2.0 OS Android 4.4 KitKat-based update? Here is a review more about the color OS 2.0.

Update Color OS 2.0 that will be released next month by Oppo
After a long time waiting for a Smartphone Oppo production results with series 7 & 7a Oppo Find receive updates color 2.0 OS Android 4.4 KitKat-based. Unfortunately the release of Color 2.0 OS is not updating on all products Oppo.

Oppo so be patient and gradual in Color OS 2.0 update on the other Oppo products. Heard the news that the global release in November 2014.
Oppo does not present the Color OS 2.0 Update OTA (Over The Air)

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Now Oppo is not presenting an update color 2.0 OS Android 4.4 KitKat-based is OTA (Over The Air) so the user Oppo Find 7 and 7a must first download the color OS 2.0 update file with size 1 GB, to do the update, you must use the help of a PC .

Actually, the feature color OS 2.0 is pretty stable, but why Oppo did release the update via OTA which gives more convenience to the users of their Smartphone.

Oppo always delayed and often difficult for users, as well as the release of 4.4 KitKat also a bit late due to the Find 7 and 7a is one of the flagship Smartphone categories.

Update color OS 2.0 based on android 4.4 brings new features KitKat is armed with features to redesign the user interface, global presence gesture panel 2.0, task manager of the new, single layer launcher, as well as the memory cleaner.

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For memory cleaner actually many features found on other smart phones such as the Xiaomi and Asus.

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