Now Available Pangu iOS 8.1, Jailbreak Tool for OS X

Pangu team began to develop innovation in the leading OS X to bring their magic jailbreak iOS 8 for OS X. These tools are made by developers who came from China. Although many of the provisions given by Apple, this software can produce fairly good English UI.

Jailbreak Tool for OS X

Pangu iOS 8.1, Jailbreak Tool for OS X

Previously, the software is only able to work on the Windows operating system. However, now with the presence of Pangu jailbreak tool on OS X is expected to further facilitate the users iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 to jailbreak their phablet directly from a Mac computer.

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pangu jailbreak tool

pangu jailbreak tool ios 8

This version is the latest version of the version that has been introduced previously. This version can also jailbreak the latest series of iPhone 6 and 6 plus, as well as the latest series of the iPad 2 and the iPad Mini Water 3. Simply complete the jailbreak for the size of an engine, even more so because this tool is accompanied by a variety of patches required by the users of iOS 8 and 8.1.

Interested? You can download it here along with a usage tutorial here.

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