Quick ways to get dollars from the “WHAFF” App

get dollars from the “WHAFF” App. Always pay attention to the development and progress of the app for Android Smartphones, One app that you must install is “whaff”. This app is one of the sources to find the dollar through Android Smartphone with the high wage offer.

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Whaff can add new features in the Android app in return for a dollar a continuous flow of the app that you downloaded from the whaff. We just download the app that are suggested by the whaff then we will be able to return, easy right?

Surely this is one opportunity for those of you who want to look for an online business with lucrative salary. Anyway whaff app for android is very suitable for you who have Android Smartphone.

Suppose you A student who wants to find additional pocket money, A housewife, yet can employ, With this app you can surely pocket a lot of money in a way that is quite easy.

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Minimum Payout of the whaff app is $ 10 via Paypal and you can pull each day if it has exceeded the minimum payout. To get the $ 4-5 / Day From whiff in the Android app, it all depends on you. If you regularly use this app certainly for $ 5 / day was very easy.

How to get dollars from the “WHAFF” App

Once you install the whaff app in android Smartphone, just sign in with your social networking account, can use Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

If you’re logged in to the app whaff with social media, will appear the tab that reads “New Interface” Blah-blah-blah blah !! In that tab there is a column for entering the “Enter Invite Code” Simply enter the code below to add your bonus balance of $ 0.30.

Code add Balance $ 0.30 whaff : AG70190

Once you enter the above code and press “OK” then the bonus balance increased $ 0.30. And now you have to downloads and download the app there so that your balance grows too $ 5-10, after that you can pull through Paypal.

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An app that you downloaded or installed on android and have been paid by the whaff, please just uninstall it ‘so as not to burden the android Smartphone performance or become litter.

Download WHAFF App

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