How to Record Phone Calls on Smartphones

Old Smartphone that features a lot of phone calls recorder default. This feature helps the user if they want to record the conversation for the needs of the job or just want to remember something important.

record phone calls

However, because there are some countries that prohibit the existence of these features to make laws on regulatory activities of recording phone calls, Smartphone manufacturers are forced to cut the feature.

However, you do not need to worry, there are a number of third-party mobile app that allows Smartphone can do the recording of phone calls. Unfortunately, for iPhone users there is no easy way to record a phone call, but you can try the app as TapeACall.

For Smartphones based on Windows Phone 8, does not allow the app to use the microphone during a call, which effectively stop the call recording app. However, the Smartphone Windows Phone 7 can run these features through the Call Recorder app.

While BlackBerry and Android Smartphones, is relatively simple to use call recording app. Here is an easy way to record phone calls on your Smartphone.

Record Phone Calls on Android and Blackberry

Android Smartphone

call recorder android

Download and install the Automatic Call Recorder app on Google Play Store for free. Whenever you make or receive a phone call, the app will automatically start recording the call.

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You can turn it off by pressing the icon in the top three spots right> Settings> Record calls> Off. In this app you can choose the recording format, such as AMR, 3GP, and WAV.

This step can be accessed via the Settings> File Types. In the app, you will see two tabs: Inbox and Saved. All recordings will appear in the Inbox tab.

Automatic Call Recorder allows you to store 200 recording files. However, if you want to store more files recorded on a Smartphone, you can buy the app Automatic Call Recorder Pro.

BlackBerry 10

Download and install the app Call Recorder for BlackBerry 10 for free on the app store BlackBerry World. When you make or receive a call, it will automatically be recorded by this app.

There are several settings in the Call Recorder, where you can change the recorded call. Go to the app, and then slide down from the top of the screen to display the menu.

Press the right to change the settings app. In the settings, you can press the Recording mode to change from automatic to manual recording. After that you will receive a notification, if you want to record the call or not?

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You also can set the settings to your phone contact list, then select a contact from the phonebook menu and the call will be recorded automatically. You will see a list of conversations that are stored.

Interestingly, this app keeps running in the background so you do not need to do anything to start recording. To listen to a recording of a phone call, select menu Conversation.

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