How to remove Jailbreak on iOS devices

With the jailbreak, you will be able to add all sorts of app and also change the look of your iPhone more attractive. For example the jailbreak on your iPhone, you can freely send files (can be songs, photos) via Bluetooth to another Smartphone, or you can make your iPhone more attractive theme according to your wishes.

remove Jailbreak on iOS devices
remove Jailbreak on iOS devices

iPhone is in a state of jailbreak can also be made into a modem, then the iPhone can do with Skype conversation through the 3G network. In short there are many apps and modifications that will make your iPhone more powerful and more interesting if you jailbreak your iOS device.

Remove Jailbreak on iOS devices

However, the process has the disadvantage that the jailbreak jailbreak will void the warranty on your iPhone, other than that if you fail in the jailbreak process, it is possible that your iPhone can be used at all. In addition, the software upgrade iOS on devices already in the jailbreak could be a process that makes a headache because it is very difficult.

There are a few simple tips, if you want to remove the jailbreak on your device. You can go to an electronics store and bring this matter to a professional or you can read through a variety of forums on the internet.

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We have several steps to remove the jailbreak on your iOS device. Obviously, this will save you a little money in your pocket. Check out the steps below.

1. Make a backup of the data on your iOS device, syncing with iTunes or iCloud to make sure you have a backup of the data on your device now. With iCloud, you can save a backup of your data by going to Settings> iCloud> Storage and Backup> Back Up Now.

2. Restore your data, when you’ve finished doing backups and your device is connected to iTunes. On the Summary tab (Summary Tab), click “Restore.” Now iTunes will restore your iOS device to factory settings and completely remove the device.

3. The next step is to recover data you have backups. After the restore data, your iOS device will really like new and are not charged anything. Now your iOS device will display the guide via activation. You will go through the setup screen WI-Fi, you will be asked how you want to set up your device. If you previously did iCloud backup, select that option. If you do not do backups iCloud, go to iTunes and restore the data from the backup you created in the first step.

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After performing the above three steps, your iOS device will restart and your data will be put back into your iOS device. Now, your iOS device will be as before, but with the jailbreak functionality that has been removed.

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