Review Apple deregister iMessage : Simplify Move From iPhone To Others

Apple has quietly released a new tool that allows users to switch from iPhone to Smartphones with other platforms such as Android or Windows Phone. The tool quickly cancels the registration (deregister) mobile number message users of the system.

Apple's deregister iMessage

Review Apple deregister iMessage

With the presence of this new tool, iPhone users who want to switch to other platforms can move without fear of losing the entire text of his message, according to a report which quoted from CNET (09/11/2014). Apple released a new tool that will help users perform deregister cell number in iMessage system through the details of the instructions that must be done by the user.

Problems loss of text messages when the user decides to move from iPhone to another platform device began when iPhone users sign in iMessage. IMessage service which was introduced in 2011 aimed at helping owners of the iPhone to communicate with one another via a data network and WI-Fi, without going through the cellular network.

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Currently iPhone users switching to other phones based on Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, not a few who have difficulty messaging. The problem arises because Apple continues to send text via iMessage even though the user has switched from an iPhone. Because iMessage is Apple platform belongs, then the switch from iOS users, but does not disable iMessage will not be able to see messages sent via Apple’s best friend.

If you still have an iPhone, users can easily disable iMessage via Settings> Message> iMessage. But if it no longer has an iPhone, can now use Apple’s new tool available on the Apple website. Users are only required to input the phone number and Apple will send a confirmation code via SMS. Type the code into the specified columns, and phone numbers will quickly go out of the system iMessage.

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