Review Setup Factory 9.3: Special for App Developers

Setup Factory made specifically to assist you in making the setup file. The apps that you make can be integrated with Setup Factory so that prospective customers the app you can make the process easier and faster setup.

Setup Factory 9.3

Setup Factory provides many options to include a variety of information about your app. A wizard will help you step by step to create a setup file, ranging from the app name, company name, version of the app, to name a website (if you also have a special website for the app that you develop).

To the needs of the setup file, you can also equip it with a picture or logo of the company, a tutorial on how to use, and app usage license agreement information. For security, this app provides a serial number entry mode or active time limit for each file setup.

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Setup Factory Review

Price: US $ 395


An application that helps you to create a simple setup files but can contain a lot of information in it.


– There are various options to enter information about the app
– There is a wizard that helps you to create a setup file

Total Rating: Good
System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8

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