Samsung Still in ‘Brain’ iPhone 6

iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus vs samsung

The battle between Apple and Samsung have not cut their alliances. Although slowly transferred the manufacture of Apple’s iPhone component to another party, there is still interference Samsung in the iPhone 6.

According to research from IHS quoted from Apple Insider, Wednesday (09/24/2014), the brain A8 processor the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is made ​​mostly Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC with the 60%. But the remaining 40% is made ​​by Samsung.

Although allegedly wanted to remove completely the dependence of Samsung about the supply of components, in fact Apple still delegate the making A8 processor on the Samsung in large numbers. According to IHS estimates, this process takes charge of making USD 20.

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Thus, the sweetness selling the iPhone 6 is reported to have sold 10 million units Samsung is also making a profit. Although perhaps not as in the days where Apple is still heavily dependent on Samsung about components.

Previously, Apple is also looking for other suppliers Retina display in the iPad Mini. But because it has not found a match, they eventually returned to Samsung.

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