Sea Themed Games Seashine Coming Soon on iOS and Android

Sailed the ocean floor is fun. However, as someone who likes to see the living creatures in the sea floor, you do not necessarily want to see the life in the ocean is very deep, which is not even touched by sunlight. Life there may be more sinister than it seems.

Seashine iOS and Android

Seashine on iOS and Android

There is a mobile game that seems to be inviting us to see how life in a very deep ocean floor. Seashine the latest indie games are planned soon to iOS and Android. Players will play into a jellyfish that also acts as a light in the bottom of the ocean.

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Seashine adventure will take you to roam while introducing to you what creatures live on the ocean floor. Mission offered quite simple, the player is asked to pass through the sea cave full of obstacles in search of a light source. It seems that the light output by this jellyfish can attract other creatures that may not be “friendly”.

For additional information, you can visit “> Seashine official website and look at the screenshot below.

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