Smartphone Apps Help You Choose Healthy Food

Smartphone Apps Choose Healthy FoodEnvironmental Working Group (EWG), an organization working in the field of health and environmental research community launched a Smartphone app that can help you choose healthy foods.

Quoted from Time on Tuesday (10/28/2014), this app contains more than 80,000 packaged foods than 1500 brands. The information displayed is complete. Among them are the criteria for nutrients, substances contained in it, to how food is produced.

You just put brand food packaging using this app. After that, you will see specific information about the food.

Some foods will only display nutrition information. But others will display specific information using this app, including whether the packaged foods contain hazardous materials such as mercury, pesticides or arsenic.

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Each food product will be given to the assessment scale of 1-10 with number 1 being the best score. Higher numbers will be given to foods that have more protein, fiber and omega 3.

If interested and want to try this app, please click the following link.

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