Smartwatch Galaxy Gear S Sale Starting November

Smartwatch Galaxy Gear SAlong with the launch of the Galaxy Note 4, in particular, Samsung introduced a new wearable device, the Galaxy S. Gear contrast to previous Samsung wearable gadgets, Galaxy Gear S works as stand alone.

This means that in its use, the Galaxy Gear S should not be connected with the Smartphone. A device with a 2-inch landscape display Super AMOLED has nano SIMim card slot on the back.

The presence of a SIM card slot that allows users to make phone calls and even access the data packets regardless of the Smartphone.

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In use, the device runs on the operating system Tizen. Equipped with multi-sensor, Samsung embeds this device with the application of health and fitness. Not only that, Gear Galaxy S users can download more than 1,000 applications that can be downloaded from the app store Gear Store.

Available in black, white, red, mocha gray, and blue.

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