Step Delete Spam via iMessage

imessageAccording to a report by Wired, citing security researcher Tom Landesman of Cloudmark, spammers is very aggressive, of the total message that there is a third of mobile spam. Apple is not likely to stop spammers automatically. But this can be done by the user that can block the sender.

Quoted from Softpedia, Friday (08/22/2014), Cloudmark Tim explains, spammers promote imitation designer handbags to luxury sunglasses. Therefore, sending spam is easy for people who do it. Landesman said, that it can be done only by four lines of code, using AppleScript.

To remove spammers, select the Settings app and tap on Messages – iMessage. Then select Blocked and add the sender’s number.

Apple has provided instructions on how you can report unwanted messages. You must include a screenshot of the message, the full email address or sender’s phone number and the date and time when the message is received.

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If you do not know how to do screenshots, Apple can help. Simply by pressing the Sleep / Wake button together with the Home button. A screenshot will be added to the Photos app stored in the Camera Roll album. Similar measures can be done on an iPad or iPod Touch.

If you are using a Mac, a step that can be done is, show a screenshot by pressing Command + Shift + 3 to get the whole screen or Command + Shift + 4 to aim, take the message to be sent.

A screenshot will be saved to your desktop and from there can be sent to the same address: [email protected]

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These measures may block or delete the accounts of spammers at Apple, in a matter of days. Unfortunately, anyone can create an iCloud account in a matter of minutes, much faster than Apple background check and remove the old spammers.


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