Stronghold Crusader Full Crack + Patch Download Free

Stronghold Crusader PC Game Full Crack + Patch Download Free

Stronghold Crusader is a campaign strategy in real-time PC game that allows you to manage the conflicts of the time of the Crusades. The demo version gives you a taste of the action before deciding whether to purchase the full game.


Similar to civilization and Age of Empires game series, is his work on Stronghold Crusader for the safety of their armies in the Middle East during the first, second and third cross. This means that you keeping the Muslim armies, as well as resolving conflicts between his own men within the individual Crusader States.

Achieve these feats in Stronghold Crusader for the purchase of supplies and construction of strongholds in cities under their control. In addition, you are going to places such as Nicaea, Jerusalem and Antioch in campaigns and there is even a game feature called the cross road, which consists of a series of 50 missions that are all connected and pit him against a variety of opponents different.

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Stronghold Crusader is interesting for its variety of characters, from historical figures such as Ricardo lion heart to the creations of fiction like the rat, a child who is poor servant but later inherited land and money. These characters all have their own story in Stronghold Crusader, which serves to make the game a little more interesting.

There was a time when wars were won on the fields of battle; expected warriors placed in front our walls ready to attack. The missions were achieved by the armies with the best technological advances, and our goal was to build the largest ever wonder… But these are times. Stronghold Crusader is the successor to the best-selling stronghold, that after having made us fight for a pseudo-Medieval Europe, brings us now to fight against the Arab expansion, the Crusades. Play Stronghold Crusader to help Richard the Lionheart to manage conflicts with a good strategy and build a prosperous society that is able to support his army.

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Stronghold Crusader features

  • Fortress world maintains and improves its tropes and buildings
  • New diagram based on crusades
  • Difficulty very high, ideal for lovers of this type of games
  • Very attractive and dynamic online mode
  • Web game that offers technical support, Forum, shop and online community

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