Easy Ways to Take Pictures When Recording Video on Android

Android Smartphone has many advanced features. One of the advanced features of Android Smartphones is taking pictures at the same time while you’re recording video.

Take Pictures on android

When usually when we capture important moments with record or take pictures simultaneously must use two devices with cameras, now you do not have to wonder anymore, because I will give you Tips on How to Take Pictures When Recording Video on Android at the same time.

Tips on How to Take Pictures When Recording Video on Android

  • Open the camera on your Android phone
  • Anti Shake feature to be turned off, it is intended that the photo can snapshot function and stored in memory.
  • Once the camera is open, then change the photo camera mode to record mode / record, After that click the record / records.
  • When the video application is running, you can capture images / pictures by tapping your finger on the screen android phone.
  • Thus, the results of knock / snap pictures / photos you will automatically be stored directly on your device memory.
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That’s Tips on How to Take Pictures When Recording Video on Android, in a very practical and easy to do. With the review of this feature is expected to simplify and save time android Smartphone users when taking photos at the same record at the same time.

Not all Android based phones that can use this feature. Android phones have operating system version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above the one who can use this feature, because in this version of android camera is equipped with a camera technology support Exposure, Zero Shutter lag, continuous focus and precise images.

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This is what helps while supporting android camera performance for Taking Pictures When Recording Video simultaneously. may be useful, thank you.

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