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You will download the TALES OF LINK v2.4.8 MOD APK free latest version for Android.

TALES OF LINK, It is a story about a savior who travel to clean the disaster that fell suddenly from the celestial world to the Earth…
-“The monster of the seed of the ruins”, “Salvador with the power of stonecantation”, “the insurgency”-

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TALES OF LINK Main Features:

For first time, player is you requests that choose 9 characters to define a party to play each battle. In this “Touch-link battle system”, link a character to character and make a team to carry out to exciting combos!
It is a system of fantastic battle in which a player is required for linking different characters with different abilities depending on the situation of each battle. It’s fun to choose characters and also very tactical to win a battle. Once a player of a team to attack, characters size mini show exciting and fast attack towards the enemies.

Also during the battle, including characters successive “the tales of” all the characters are fully voiced. It’s an RPG that is fun to watch characters of mini-size action, to listen to the voices of characters and play the battle.
[Price] To play free
(contains opptional IAP)

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[Summary of the history] The world in which the myth is still being, called “Leafees.”
A day, someone broke the seal of sanctuary of the world heavenly and “seed of the ruin” is unleashes, penetrated through the body of the gods and were scattered on the sky and the land.
It was the core of the demons sealed to all types of disasters to Earth.
If the dispersed drains the energy of outbreak of gods on Earth, they bring inevitable disaster and threaten the peace of the world.
As time goes by-
In a field of grass, a spirit and a girl appears in front of you.
Have two purposes.
One is to seal again scattered “seed of ruin” to clean up the world.
Another is for the man that broke the world seal scatter “Seed of ruin”.

The fairy you says that have the power to achieve their purposes.
You have the power to “Stonecanting” and able to read the Holy Wars track carved in stones of the hero.

Grant the wish of the spirit and begin the journey through the wide world with friends.
The aim of this day of cleaning in the world – it is not known

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