Tips to Install Windows 10 on a Mac

install windows 10Although Windows 10 has not been officially released, but users are able to install Windows 10 Technical Preview with ease.

Quoted from BGR, Friday (03/10/2014), here are several steps that can be done for Mac owners who want to run the latest Windows without rebooting.

Technical Preview installs can be done in Parallels Desktop 10, but it should be noted that no guarantee all the tools to be compatible with Windows 10.

In fact, Microsoft can not explain a bug which may enter into the software so that Parallels Desktop 10 is safer.

Install windows 10 preview

The first thing to do is to download a free trial of Parallels Desktop 10 Then list for insider Program Windows and Windows 10 download preview.

Next, download Parallels Windows VM shell 10 Technical Preview (download link), unzip it and then move the file to ~ / Documents / Parallels /.

Open file. pmv and Parallels Desktop application will ask if the user has moved or copied the virtual machine. Click “Copied”.

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If the Mac has 4GB of RAM, now the app will ask you decrease the amount of RAM allocated to the virtual machine. Click “Do Not Change”

After that, the PXE screen will appear in the virtual machine. Find the Action menu at the top of the screen and click “Stop”.

Back to menu Actions -> Configure … -> Hardware tab -> CD / DVD page 1 -> Connect with: -> Select the image file … -> find the file and select it WindowsTechnicalPreview.iso. Launch shell in the VM virtual machine and proceed with your installation of Windows 10. When finished installing, create a user account and access to the Windows 10 Desktop Technical Preview.

Now you need to install Parallels Tools. Click on the Devices tab -> CD / DVD 1 -> Connect Image … -> find PRL-tools-win. ISO in:

Applications -> Parallels Desktop -> Contents -> Resources -> Equipment

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Connect to the virtual machine image. Having done that, go to this PC in a virtual machine, double-click on the DVD Drive (D 🙂 and finish the installation of Parallels Tools. Finally, you turn off the virtual machine and name it whatever you want.

So for Mac users, you do not need to fear losing Windows development.

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