Tips to Restore iPhone Slowing

iphone tipsAs with a computer, tablet or even Smartphone, often tends to slow down from time to time. There are many factors that cause this slowdown.

For example, the application of the software upgrade, the older processors and components that have been there before, may not be able to handle the new load.



While the hardware limitations can be overcome, there are several things you can do to speed up a slow iPhone. Reported from BGR, Thursday (07/10/2014), through providing solutions CNET video iPhone users quickly and easily to the problems that often interfere with your iPhone.

1 The first cause of the latest iPhone is the high amount of data usage even near maximum. The fix, select the menu Settings, General, Usage to find out what applications are found on the iPhone and how much quota.

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Most storage is usually dominated by the photos, immediately transferred to your computer. So is the game that is not used anymore, back to the home screen, tap the game a bit longer then remove.

2 The next cause of your WiFi connectivity problems. First, to the Settings menu, select Airplane Mode while useful to refresh your wireless network, then return to the beginning.

If the phone is not getting a network, tap Settings, General, Reset and select Reset Network Settings, once completed, your phone will re-connect to the network.

3 The next problem is if the handset you “hang”, the touchscreen does not work, as well as the buttons are there. Press the Power button along with the Home button for a while, until the Apple logo appears and your iPhone will be back functioning.

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That’s three tips that can be done for iPhone users who experience a slowdown, easy and fast.


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