Tips run Applications Keyboard in ios 8

ios 8 keyboard

IPhone 6 to appear before public with operating system mobile series ios 8 made by Apple Inc. One of the key features that are in mobile platform made by Apple is given ability keyboard support third party.

The presenting features support other parties made the user based-equipment ios 8 free and easy to install a keyboard. Apple itself has provided various applications’ keyboard from third parties in the store application Apple App Store.

Swiftkey, Swype, Keymoji, Fleksy and Minuum is part of the many applications keyboard supporter for ios 8 that you can enjoy the Apple Fanboys. But, there are still many users Apple product that has not yet know how to enable applications’ keyboard that has already owned.

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So, let there be confused, we present to enable and choose a keyboard that provided third parties to be able to provide additional comfort for the users’ handsets based ios 8.

1. Download application keyboard that wants to use Apple App Store, make sure that has been installed in the handset
2. Select Settings from the menu -> General -> Keyboard
3. Then select ‘Keyboards’
4. Continue to select ‘Add New Keyboard’
5. Keyboard that has been installed will be seen in my ‘Third-Party Keyboard’, please select in accordance with whom he
6. Try running in other applications, for example message or email for the button-button keyboard emerged.
7. Just Choose keyboard that is wanted by hitting the ball logo ‘world’
8. You only use application is in accordance with desire.

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Good luck. Hopefully keyboard application third party in devices is 8 You can walk perfectly.

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