Top 6 must have app iPhone 6 users

iphone 6 appsAs you well know, the iPhone 6 comes with a brand-new operating system IOS 8. The platform is so special because for the first Apple allow third parties to fill in the application pre-installed on their mobile operating system.

Well, for those of you who are still confused wanting to download any application on the iPhone 6, here are six applications according to Business Insider’s pages can be optimized in the IOS 8 operating system.

Top Iphone Apps

1. iMovie ($ 4.99)


With the iMovie app, you can edit video content directly on the iPhone 6. In it you can add filters, animation, soundtrack, and various forms of other files contained in the Photos application.

2. Epic Zen Garden (Free)

epic zen garden

Apple first showed off this innovative application in WWDC event which took place last June. This application presents a virtual environment which is very detailed, so you can interact with the various matters contained in this application graphical display. Including interacting with cherry blossoms are falling, or dozens of butterflies are flying.

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3. Swype (US $ 0.99)


Android users must already be familiar with the Swype keyboard app. However, new applications are present in iOS 8 and is believed to be able to attract the attention of many users.

4. Yahoo! Weather (Free)

yahoo weather

Yahoo Weather on iOS 8 has undergone various updates. Display weather information application is now larger full-sized iPhone screen 6. Interestingly, this application can also be accessed directly via the Notification Center feature.

5. Litely (Free)


Litely provide professional grade photo filters in IOS 8. Four things you updated on this application, the contrast setting, temperature, highlights, and shadows.

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6. 1Password (Free)


This one application is important enough to you that prioritizes security. Aside from being able to secure passwords, usernames, logins and credit card information, the application is also very useful for those who often forget the password.

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