How to turn off the Automatic Update app and games on Android

Automatic Update applicationsApplications and games are diverse and updates automatically, often disturbing. Here are presented the steps for inexperienced users (beginner), to turn off automatic updates on applications and games on Android.

As reported Phonearena, Monday (08/09/2014), if you have dozens of apps on Android devices, and may wish to choose for themselves when to update it, and do not want the automatic update function, there are several steps that must be followed.

Disabling automatic updates is an easy thing, but not for those who are new to using Android smart phones.

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So, how do you disable automatic updates? Users cannot do it on device settings, but through Google Play Pre-installed App Store.

After opening the application, access the menu Play Store from the top left corner. The next stop is the Settings tab, where you will find the option Update App. Click the pop-up windows, then there will be three sub-options, the first click play Store, settings, auto-updating apps, and do not auto-update apps.

automatic updates android

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This is a brief tutorial on Android 4.4.4 made ​​KitKat, but is expected to be implemented by all versions of Android.


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