How to Unlock Your iPhone SIM Card

iphone sim cardThe SIM card is a small chip in the phone mostly for storing contact information and a small number of text messages. Accessing the SIM card application is easy for users of Android devices. The SIM card icon image appears on the application and the user only needs to touch it.

Reporting from Phonearena, Monday (16/06/2014), the iPhone, this application can be accessed in different ways. To that end, we present tips to access it:


Unlock iPhone SIM Card

1 Open the settings menu

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2 Touch phones

3 At the bottom of the list, select the SIM Application

4 Now you get access to the menu text

5. activation feature by operators listed here, including checking balances and miscellaneous services on or off
After activating the SIM card, allowing users to do a variety of activities related to wireless services, such as checking balances, activating service features, things like that.

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