Forgot Password? This how to unlock the lock screen Android Smartphone

To improve the security of Android Smartphones, many users who install a password to lock the screen in the form of a pattern. This method is considered more convenient than having to make a password in the form of a PIN or password.

unlock the lock screen Android Smartphone

Unfortunately, there is little that is often forgotten passwords patterns they use to unlock their Smartphone screen. It is of course, very dangerous. Moreover, when not handled properly, the user may accidentally re-activation or ‘factory reset’ that could lead to the loss of all data.

Fortunately there are several steps that can be performed by the user to unlock the screen in Android Smartphone despite having forgotten the password pattern.Lockscreen smartphone Android

Unlock lock screen Android Smartphone

The first step you should do is try to enter the password pattern five times. Why should five times? Therefore, all Android Smartphone will be automatically blocked for 30 seconds while owner password is incorrectly entered much.

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When the Android Smartphone has blocked that, you can see a new option at the bottom of the screen that reads ‘Forgot Pattern’ or ‘Forgot Password’. Well, what you need to do is select that option.

Then, automatically Smartphone will ask you to enter data such as Google account and password. If you’ve successfully logged in to your Google account, then automatically you can re-use your Android Smartphone. Then, when you create a new pattern password make sure you write them down on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.

Yes, the main requirement for the open Android Smartphone when you forget the password pattern is to use a Google account. If you happen to also have forgotten your username and password of your Google account, then one way that I can do is do a ‘factory reset’.

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Therefore, before you put a password on Android Smartphones, it’s good to make backups or storing data on other devices so that when you are forced to do a ‘factory reset’ like when you forget the password lock screen, you still have the backup data.

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