Update SmartWatch Moto 360 Give New Features

Smartwatch Motorola Moto 360 performs the update with a new look and improved features.

First, the new update increases Moto Connect application, and bring a new look that can give the user the freedom to choose.

Update Smartwatch Moto 360
Update Smartwatch Moto 360 (Businesinsider)

SmartWatch Moto 360 New Features

Users can now change smartwatch style, background color, and also choose a different time zone. The new update is also possible to make a face that can be uploaded image with the manual.

Next, Moto also can help users keep track of steps, distance, calories burned during activity and heart rate.

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Similar to Google’s Moto Body Fit, especially in terms of functionality. The best part about Moto Body is that providing coaching advice to users based on activities that are often carried out.

All the above features are part of Motorola’s Connect application that can be downloaded from the Google Play app repository.

Package Motorola Connect worked with the following devices:
Motorola 360
Motorola Power Pack Micro 1500
Motorola Keylink
Motorola Connect PC Extension available in Moto X, Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx and Droid Smartphones Mini

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For major retailers in the UK accepting pre-orders, which currently offers Moto 360 with limited stock priced at 199.9 pounds. With a choice of gray and black.

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