Wearable Devices Users Leave Smartphone?

wearable deviceA recent survey revealed that 33 percent of the wearable device owners will leave his gadgets within six months.

The guardian report, by the GfK survey made ​​by taking a sample of 1,000 owners of wearable devices.
Some companies managed to survive because the gadgets continue to make useful products.

According to officials Peeble, Eric Micigovsky, consumers use smartwatch as a marker of notification and the display is always changing.

But over time, consumers began to realize that so many things can be done with the wearable device, such as is used to monitor the thermostat and other household items.

Although it has many functions, smart watches were only able to grab 11 percent of market wearable. While 39 percent of the market captured by the health and fitness gadgets.

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Wrist computers are useful for detecting and supervise the activities of getting 26 percent of the market wearable. While action camera like the GoPro to 24 percent.

This assessment is still too early to compare the market now and wearable Smartphone market conditions when the iPhone launched in 2007.

Smartwatch markets got an extra boost when Apple Watch was introduced, although the wearable device from Apple will not launch until next year.

Peeble want to be one of the companies that survive in the market smartwatch. The company has sold 400 thousand units and Michigovsky ensure that their sales will not be disturbed by the wearable device made ​​by Samsung, LG, and Motorola.

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