Zuma Revenge Full Crack Free Download

Zuma Revenge PC Game Full Crack Free Download

Zuma revenge is a masterpiece of puzzle game. Players control an ORB frog spit and try to make matches of three or more colored balls. The frog is typically placed in the center of these puzzles of maps and lines of roll of balls along their designated paths. Throw fruit is by far the easiest way to win points in a game of Zuma, but players should pay close attention to the length of the line of balls. If the balls rolling line is too long, he wakes up a hungry skull sitting on the end of the track that will eat the frog, costing the player a life. The objective is to score as many points as possible without arousing the tribal skulls.

Zuma Revenge

The balls are magnetically joined together unless force creates a gap in the line, and they are also strongly attracted by other balls of the same color. A skilled player can use this magnetism to their advantage. The ORB basic colors are red, yellow, blue and green, but purple and white are added at higher levels.

There are luxury tricks to accumulate more points than Zuma a game fun and challenging to master. Zuma experienced players know to take advantage of the following bonuses:

  • ACE time – how fast can clear a level? Complete a level in record time gives players a generous bonus.
  • Photos of Gap – the game reward players generously to score shots from distance. Most of the levels is winding spirals or ovals, it is possible to create empty balls line asking about parties and groups of them of the Board compensation. Through these gaps and make a party on the other line is a shot. They can be risky, but the rewards make a trick that is worthwhile to master!
  • Combos – causing a chain-reaction of parties by firing a single ball also gives players a lot of points. Combos also have the added benefit of tapping again the line, giving players extra space when it counts.
  • Chains – Zuma rewards players for accuracy! When does five or more successful about matches of three or more in a row, is given a chain bonus. How long of a string can create?
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In addition to lucrative bonuses, the game offers a lot of power-ups. The power-ups are absolutely essential to clear many of the Councils, and are always easy to recognize during the game, it is pretty. Zuma revenge has the following power ups:

  • Reverse – matching a ball with a back arrow will make all the balls on the screen to invest for a moment. This is easily the most important power of the game.
  • Triple Shot – a ball etched with the pattern of a canon Canon three awards players with a powerful triple shot that removes anything in its path, including fruit.
  • Slow – hand is the power to slow up. It does everything ball moves slower for a short time, which can be lifesaving when balls are too close to the skulls.
  • Beam – it points to a specific color and clear the Board. Very useful.
  • Pump – an orb engraved etched with a pattern of explosion depends on the power of the bomb. This ball explodes himself and all the balls around, regardless of color.
  • Each Board gives just the right amount of power ups and use them is fun! Bonuses and power ups are working together to make this game apparently simple complex and challenging puzzle.
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